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Grow Taller With Proper Nutrition

Grow Taller With Proper Nutrition - Your height increase depends on the human growth hormone (HGH), basically a protein hormone of about 190 amino acids. This hormone occurs naturally in your organism and it can be busted up by natural means. The most recommended way to increase height naturally is by following a healthy and balanced diet based on increase height food.

Now, let’s see a list of important nutrients and their sources in order to have a clear idea on the food necessary to grow taller naturally.

grow taller naturally


It’s crucial to make sure you are consuming an adequate amount of vitamins on a daily basis. Vitamins are organic substances and your body is unable to create such substances by itself. Therefore, you need to consume types of foods that contain high levels of vitamins and represent adequate increase height food, helping you on your aim to increase height.

Vitamin A is required for the entire body functioning. It’s famous because of its capacity to generate growth by producing new cells as your bones develop. You should definitely include in your diet vitamin A rich foods: egg yolk, fish cod, liver, salmon, tomatoes, broccoli, red bell peppers, yogurt, beef, milk, lime, papaya, carrot, orange and sweet potato.

Vitamin B complex plays a vital role in promoting the body’s growth so you have to eat many fruits, vegetables and grains that contain especially Vitamin B5, B6 and B12. Here are some specific examples of increase height food rich in those vitamins: citrus fruits, bananas, watermelon, grapefruit, vegetables and also low-fat dairy products, liver, chicken, seafood and lean red meat.

Vitamin C gives you strong bones so you need to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables: radishes, collards, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, kiwis, mango, papaya, citrus fruits and strawberries. All those aliments represent great increase height food for your daily diet. Here’s another secret. In order to increase height, enjoy sunny days too and take long walks. Why? The body synthesizes Vitamin D, responsible with the absorption of calcium from your food, from sunshine. It’s also found in cereal, fish oils and egg yolk, so use all those when preparing your meals.

For the right amount of Vitamin F your body needs to grow, include in your diet nuts, legumes, salmon, herring, anchovies, mackerel and vegetable oils.


Your body uses protein for about every process that takes place in your system. It’s the foundation block for life itself. Protein helps your body to rebuild and repair your muscles to a bigger size so they can grow stronger and larger. If you really want to become taller, protein must be an important part on your diet based on increase height food. There are two types of protein your body requires to function at its best. The first is known as complete protein and the second is called incomplete protein.

A complete protein contains the entire range of amino acids that your body needs in order to rebuild tissues. Basically, any organic aliment delivered from a living creature includes complete protein. Here are some examples of increase height food based on this protein: eggs, milk, cheeses, meats and fish.

An incomplete protein lacks the full quota of essential amino acids. However, combined with other protein, is very useful to your body in the process of rebuilding tissues. You can include this type of protein in your diet by consuming beans, nuts and seeds.

Another effective protein you should be consuming? Soy protein, therefore you should try soy milk, flour and nuts. All those aliments represent healthy increase height food to add to your diet habits.

Remember, lack of protein in your body can cause growth failure because this nutrient is responsible for the secretion of Human Growth Hormone. So, make sure you eat plenty of increase height food rich in protein everyday if you want to grow taller.


A healthy balanced diet must include the appropriate supply of minerals. Why are minerals important in your process of increasing height and stay in good shape? These chemical substances play a crucial role in your steady bone growth as your bones actually contain a large percentage of minerals. Therefore, there must be some increase height food based on minerals in your diet.

As far as height increase is concerned, Calcium is probably the most important mineral of all. Calcium is an abundant mineral found almost everywhere in your body: your bones, your hair and your fingernails. Your body doesn’t have the capacity to produce Calcium by itself, so you need to get sufficient levels of calcium in your daily diet by eating foods rich in this particular natural substance.

There are plenty of aliments that contain calcium and also represent healthy increase height food: dairy foods, such as milk, yogurt and cheese, fish, mostly salmon and sardines, green vegetables like broccoli, kale or spinach, fruits, especially oranges, and also beans and peas.

Another mineral that plays an important role in your process of becoming taller is Phosphorus. This mineral is all over your body and the most part of it combines with calcium to form the compound calcium phosphate, which is the source of your bones strength. Here are some examples of foods that deliver this key mineral: peanut butter, wheat and bran, cottage cheese or cheddar, sunflower seeds, garlic, legumes and nuts, chicken and turkey, broccoli and corn. You should include this in your diet.


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