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Do You Have A Sugar Addiction?


You have finished your meal and now you are waiting the dessert so eagerly or its 4 p.m. and the chocolate chip cookie in your bag dying to do in your mouth. If you face a regular tussle such as this while resisting sweet treats, it is possible that you could be boarding on sugar addiction according to experts.

Princeton psychologist Bart Heobel pioneered research demonstrating that sugar can be addictive. His team studied the effect of sugar on the brain chemistry of rat and they exhibited effect similar to drugs of abuse such as heroin, cocaine, morphine and nicotine. In human sugar triggers the release of dopamine in the section of brain associated with addictive behavior. The dopamine does same effect like other drug so with the time your brain needs more sugar to produce the sugar addiction.


When you eat, a slice of cake the sugar in it is converted in to glucose in blood stream. When simple carbohydrate is consumed on their own, blood sugar level spike since they are absorbed quickly into blood stream,” A sugar high ups insulin level in your body. While the insulin clears off the sugar that`s just been consumed, high level of insulin in the blood stream remain in the blood stream, leading to a further  dip in blood sugar level. So it ends up in a vicious cycle of cup cake n sugar craving.

Dr Robert lusting, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California said that the human toungh is sensitive to five tests-sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Sugar “covers up the other four tastes, so you can`t taste the negative aspect of food” that’ s why, “you can make dog poop taste good with enough sugar”

The daily limit of sugar for woman is 6tsp and for men 9 tsp



Like most addiction, sugar also degree of addiction. It can span  the spectrum between mild and extremely can go three days without refined sugar or starch, and feel no cravings than you are no addicted to sugar.


Addict often exhibit symptom such as anxiety, mood swing, jitteriness and even cold sweat.

With this bye, have a good day and keep walking.


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